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Film Documentary Fellowship

The French embassy in Nigeria, in partnership with StoryMi Academy launched the Documentary Film Fellowship to boost the documentary industry in Nigeria. The program aims to respond to a need expressed by Nigerian journalists, international media and international film festivals to showcase more productions about Nigerian culture, history and social issues.

The fellowship is being led by two renowned documentary filmmakers - Louise Monlau (New York Times, Al Jazeera)* and Mayeni Jones (BBC)*.  As such, the six selected applicants will strengthen their capacities and produce quality documentaries. The program aims to improve technical and storytelling skills while developing sustainable career plans.

Each participant is expected to develop their personal documentary, backed by a 1 million Naira grant.

It revolves around three main components:

  1. Two 8-day workshop sessions in Lagos 

  • One session on filming and production techniques and identification of an individual project (end of January 2023)

  • One session on postproduction (July 2023).

   2. Remote coaching (February to August 2023)

  • Remote coaching and support for the development of an individual project (Production of a 20 minute documentary)

   3. Screening night and broadcasting (September 2023)

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