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Developing world-class journalists, storytellers and investigators across Nigeria

Courses for Nigerian journalists, editors and storytellers.

Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Expending knowledge

Through events, discussion panels in schools or universities, documentary screenings, we want to raise awareness of media to a larger public, to the viewers, the readers, the listeners… What is “good” and “ethical” journalism? What does it change into our lives? How can we fight misinformation?

Encouraging vocations

Who wants to become a storyteller? Twice a year, in partnership with Happy Pikin and Aunty Ayo International School in Lagos, we organise vocational sessions for children of all social classes. Professionals show them what it is to be a photographer, a video journalist, a film maker… It’s fun and inspiring!

Enhancing talents

Developing unique workshops and fellowships for young professionals in line with Nigeria’s socio-economic realities. These workshops are aimed to build capacities, self-confidence, as well as to promote dialogue between media, both local and international, and journalists in Nigeria and Africa at a large.

Modernise Journalism.
Inform the Public.

Developing world-class journalists, storytellers and investigators across Africa. 

Journalism is an essential pillar of all democracies and a key component of an equitable society. Worldwide, the social media are a blessing as much as they are a curse for journalism and for the public, who is often lost in the flow of information.


But more than ever in Nigeria, while the country is going through economic, social and political hardships, journalists need to find new ways of informing, of earning revenues, and redefine the ethics of the media industry.

Our Partners

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