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Professional Courses for Nigerian Journalists, Storytellers and Investigators

"A revelation of new knowledge, one eye opening session to another."

2023 Documentary Program Fellow

Why should you sign up for our programs?

Expending knowledge

We create an avenue to combat misinformation through lectures, documentaries and events to train individuals and also illustrate media roles  to the general public.

Encouraging vocations

Our partnership with Happy Pikin offers children an opportunity to be mentored by professionals in the field of photography, cinematography and journalism.

Enhancing talents

Our programs are designed to train media enthusiasts on how to consolidate the business and art of storytelling through workshops and fellowships that build capacities while creating a confluence for global media players to mingle.


Innovative Journalism
Inform the Public

Producing elite Journalists, exceptional storytellers

and meticulous investigators across Nigeria

Journalism is an essential pillar in both emerging and established democracies globally and a key component in building an equitable society. The advent of social media means information travels faster but it is saturated with disinformation which must be addressed.

However with the harsh socio-economic realities and political adversities in Nigeria. A journalist must evolve with the current times in dissemination of information and revenue generation.

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