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We are developing world-class journalists, storytellers and investigators across Africa. With StoryMi (“My story” in Yoruba) we want to build a community of talented reporters and storytellers well versed in the modern media (TV / film; radio / podcast; photography; print news / writers). 


We develop free and unique workshops for professionals in line with Nigeria’s socio-economic realities. These workshops aim to build bridges and promote the dialogue between local and international journalists. Our signature events are designed to enable attendees understand the media industry and its ethics.

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Our Team

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Samuel Okocha

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Fati Abubakar

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Andrew Esiebo

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Liza Fabbian

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Annie Mpalume

StoryMi founder and director Sophie Bouillon is an award-winning journalist, known for being the youngest recipient of the Albert Londres Prize (the highest award in the French press). 


She has worked in Africa for her entire career, first working as a freelancer in Johannesburg (2008-2015). She later served as a special correspondent for Central Africa, West Africa and East Africa (2013-2015). 


She moved permanently to Nigeria in 2016, where she first worked as deputy director of the Agence France-Presse (AFP) bureau in Lagos covering Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana. She is now Radio France International (RFI)’s Hausa service director.

Annie Mpalume is a photojournalist at the Zimbabwean newspaper Dailynews since 2011 and a member of the Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers.


After studying photography on a professional level at the prestigious Market Photo Workshop, considered as the best photography school in Africa, she worked as a freelance back home in Zimbabwe.


She has experience in the high political spheres, as an official photographer for the prime minister office. In 2011, she started working at the DailyNews, an independant news outlet, first as a senior photographer to Visuals editor and now Deputy Managing Editor.

Andrew Esiebo was born in Lagos. He is a visual storyteller integrating multimedia practice/art with investigations on sexuality, gender politics, football, popular culture, migration, religion, and spirituality. 


His works have been published in books, magazines, and websites such as National Geographic, New York Times, Courrier International, Le Point, CNN African Voices, Washington Post Financial Times,, Marie Claire Italia, Le Monde-M Magazine, Time Out Nigeria, Mail & Guardian online, Laia Books, Geo-Lino, KIT and African style magazine Arise and Science Magazine.


His attention to social issues has seen him working for several local and international institutions.

Fati Abubakar is a documentary photographer, photojournalist and public health worker in Nigeria.  She focuses on health perspectives, using photography as a medium to highlight problems at the community level. 


Her current work is a personal project to showcase her hometown of Borno State at the time of Boko Haram. The project entitled “Bits of Borno” has gained critical acclaim and has been published in media outlets including the New York Times, BBC, Reuters, CNN, Voice of America, Newsweek Europe, and others.


She has been commissioned to work with UNICEF, international Alert, Action Aid and other organizations.

Samuel Okocha lives in Lagos where he works as a freelance multimedia journalist, writer and mobile creator.

In between assignments, Samuel spends his time photographing daily life on the streets of Lagos.

"From Nobody To Somebody: A Journalist's Lagos Diary" is his first photo book (self published on Amazon in 2019). The book, a culmination of three years of photo-shooting on the streets of the Nigerian commercial capital, captures unique and candid moments of everyday people trying to make the most of their chances amidst the opportunities and challenges of an evolving city.


His photography and journalism work have appeared on various international media outlets, including France 24, RFI, VOA and several specialist publications.


Louise Monlaü

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Mayeni Jones


Mohammed José

Mohammed Jose, a Producer (film & photography), film director, film editor and marketing executive , is  the founder of Baainz Media Solutions.


A multi-talented media executive whose  background cuts across finance, media and strategy. 


The core of his work is driven by his belief in the  power of shifting culture through film and intentional storytelling. 


Since founding Baainz in 2016 he has worked on various video & photography projects as well as marketing campaigns with notable international brands and institutions such as Aliko Dangote Foundation, TikTok, Mavin Records, CFI, Living Faith Ministries etc 


His eye for detail and a deep passion for film and knowledge has rendered his work featured on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square & Vuuqa Magazine SA.

When he is not working, he satisfies his endless curiosities by travelling the world and seeking inspiration for his future projects.

Mayeni Jones is a multilingual, multimedia journalist, currently working as the BBC’s West Africa Correspondent. Based in Lagos, she covers Nigerian and regional news for the BBC’s 489 million strong audience.


Prior to moving to Nigeria she worked as presenter, reporter and producer for the
BBC’s flagship African affairs program, Focus on Africa. She’s also presented several programs for the BBC, including Assignment and the BBC’s African investigations show, Africa Eye.


In May 2019 she fronted a BBC Panorama investigation revealing how a controversial businessman stood to make billions of dollars from a suspicious energy deal in Senegal, uncovering secret payments made to the family of the President.


Other stories she has covered include Nigeria’s kidnapping epidemic, the EndSARS anti-police brutality protests and the death of long-term Chadian leader Idris Déby.

Louise Monlaü is a French documentary filmmaker based in Paris. After a master degree in political science at Science Po, she explored several professional experiences in the audiovisual and journalistic field, working for different productions companies and French newspapers.


In 2020 she directed her first short film in Mexico City : “The Death Cleaner”, a poetic portrait of a crime scene cleaner broadcast on The New York Times, on their documentary platform Op-Docs. The film was selected for the Emmy Award (2021) and for the AFI Festival. The following year Monlaü came back to Mexico and directed “Rocio and me”, a sensitive film about the relationship between a mother and her daughter with Down syndrome released by The New Yorker and distinguished by Vimeo (Vimeo Staff Pick).


In 2022, she flew to Lagos to make “Nigeria’s Dancer for Change”, her third short film, commissioned by Al Jazeera, which features committed dancers from the Nigerian capital.


Louise Monlaü's work and vision are embodied in humanistic and intimate portraits, always linked to specific socio-cultural contexts. She is currently working on her first feature film in Senegal, which focuses on a fishing community in Dakar.