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Welcome to the 2024 StoryMi Documentary Film Fellowship

The StoryMi Documentary Film Fellowship offers a rigorous 6-month training experience designed to hone the skills of selected Nigerian filmmakers. This year, four talented fellows have been chosen based on their application materials and mini-documentary submissions out of over 100 applications received from all over Nigeria. Throughout the fellowship, they will engage in intensive workshops, receive mentorship from renowned African and international filmmakers and gain invaluable industry exposure.

Meet the Nigerian Delegates

Ike Nnaebue is a celebrated Nigerian film director, screenwriter, and producer. His latest film, "No U-Turn," received a Special Mention Award at the Berlin International Festival - Berlinale 2022. As the founder and CEO of Love Portion Creativehubs, Ike is dedicated to building a network of creative hubs across Africa and globally, creating safe spaces for African creatives to thrive. Additionally, he leads Passion8 Communications Ltd, a premium media content production company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ike is widely regarded as one of the champions of the emerging new African cinema.

Louise Monlau is a successful documentary filmmaker and experienced photographer based in Paris, France. With a rich background in print and multimedia journalism, she has worked with some of the most prestigious French newspapers. Louise directed her first short film, "The Death Cleaner," in 2020, which was selected for the Emmy Awards in 2021 and the AFI Festival. Her second short film, "Rocio and Me," explores the relationship between a mother and her daughter with Down syndrome. In 2022, she directed "Nigeria’s Dancer for Change," commissioned by Al Jazeera.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-01 at 14.59_edite

Femi Odugbemi is an accomplished writer, filmmaker, TV Producer and film scholar. He is the Founder/Executive Producer of Zuri24 Media Lagos. His screen credits over 25 years span feature films, multiple drama TV series and documentaries. He was one of the founding Producers of the popular daily soap TINSEL as well as Executive Producer of several award-winning telenovelas notably BATTLEGROUND, BRETHREN, MOVEMENT JAPA and currently COVENANT. He has also produced several award-winning documentaries and feature films. He is Executive Director/Co-founder of the IREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival Lagos. He is a voting Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys).

Christophe Pecot_size.jpg

Christophe Pécot, currently Regional Audiovisual Attaché for Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana and Cameroon, had been working for various French international film sales companies (UGC INTL, France TV distribution, NewenConnect…). He has marketed and sold international rights of animated series, TV series, documentaries and feature films, attending international markets for over 15 years.

He joined the French diplomatic cultural networks in 2015, where he held the  position of audiovisuel attaché in Istanbul, also covering Caucasus and Central Asia.

Mayeni Jones_edited.jpg

BBC West Africa correspondent based in Lagos, Mayeni Jones is a multilingual and multimedia journalist. 
She was formerly the producer, reporter and presenter of “Focus on Africa '' a BBC flagship program that covered issues concerning African affairs. She also documented the #Endsars & anti-police brutality protests in Nigeria, mass kidnappings and floods.

A successful investigative journalist, her scope of work includes presenting “African Eye” - a BBC Africa investigative show. In May 2019 she spearheaded a BBC panorama investigation that revealed how culpable businessmen connived to syphon billions of dollars in an energy deal in Senegal with kickbacks traced to the president's family members.

portrait Sophie_edited.jpg

Sophie Bouillon, the founder and director of StoryMi Academy is an award winning journalist who spent most of her career in Africa, first as a freelance journalist for several international media.

She relocated on a permanent basis to Nigeria in 2016, where she worked with Agence France-Press (AFP) as a deputy director in the Lagos bureau. She is currently the director and coordinator of the Hausa Service for Radio France Internationale (RFI).​ She is also an accomplished author with three books to her name. Manuwa Street, her last book, was published at Farafina Books in 2022. She founded StoryMi academy with the goal of upscaling media and journalism and giving opportunities to the new generation of Nigerian reporters. She is currently the youngest ever recipient of the highest award in French Press, the Albert Londres Prize.

Aima's Portrait_edited.jpg

Aimalohi Ojeamiren is a visual storyteller and film director who is shaping narratives that resonate with depth and impact.

Her debut film, "After the Waters," not only marked her directorial excellence but also ignited a fundraising campaign for flood victims. In 2023, she became a fellow in the Documentary Film Fellowship by the French Embassy in Nigeria and StoryMi Academy. This experience provided her with professional training, culminating in the production of "No Way Home” - a documentary highlighting the Nigerian brain drain and emigration which has screened in prominent locations from Lagos to Paris.

Meet the Fellows

Ugbe Chidiebere transitioned from radio to documentary filmmaking, founding Keyhole Media, a production company dedicated to creating impactful documentaries. With a background in music, writing, blogging, and radio, Chidiebere found his true passion in documentary filmmaking. Over the past seven years, he has led production teams to create documentaries for non-profits and high-profile individuals, aiming to tell stories that inspire and move audiences to action.


Zainab Bala is a director and producer specializing in documentary filmmaking. Her passion lies in crafting narratives that resonate deeply with viewers and producing projects that stay true to their creative vision. Zainab's work focuses on real stories that connect with audiences, highlighting social and environmental issues through powerful storytelling.


Shedrack Salami is a cinematographer and visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. His journey into documentary filmmaking began with a passion for visual expression, transitioning from graphic design and fine art to cinematography. Shedrack has documented stories across Nigeria, showcasing his versatility and commitment to addressing social issues through his art. He aims to inspire a new generation of creatives across Africa by continuously pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.


Ayangbade Annabelle, fondly known as the “behind the scenes girl,” is passionate about the power of storytelling as a tool for change. She began her filmmaking journey with a diploma in filmmaking and has since participated in numerous training programs, including the Ladima Documentary Filmmaking Training. Annabelle currently works as a freelance film editor for an international media house, where she recently completed an internship. Her work focuses on social and environmental issues, aiming to challenge stereotypes and highlight impactful stories.


What Are They Working On?

"ICE: A Meth Epidemic" - Ugbe Chidiebere

An investigative documentary exploring the crystal meth crisis in eastern Nigeria, highlighting the socio-economic factors and personal stories behind the addiction and the community's harsh responses.


To say that my experience at Storymi Academy was great, would be an understatement!

The documentary program has broadened my perspective and horizons on how to make a good film to meet the International standards and market! It has given me the ability to  feel confident in myself and work! It has exposed me to greater opportunities! I’m more proud of my career as an independent filmmaker. 

- Nana Mohammed, 2023 Fellow.

2023 Alumni Films

NO WAY HOME poster.jpg

Aimalohi Ojeamiren

Amidst economic instability and political unrest, the countdown to Nigeria's most anticipated election sets the stage for the unfolding journey of a Nigerian about to leave his homeland. His journey illuminates the nation’s latest mass exodus and brain drain after one of the largest protests the country has witnessed in recent times.

OYO 1.png

Daniel Itegboje

In the cold streets of Benin, a group of resilient young boys, seemingly invincible, battle against adversity as they strive to forge their own path and find a sense of belonging in a world that has turned its back on them.


Nana Mohammed

In the face of unimaginable loss, 29-year-old Deborah embarks on a journey to the city where her 11-year-old daughter (Margaret) met her tragic end through child trafficking. After years of denial and desperate pleas to connect with her first child, she confronts the truth in a story that highlights the reality of how women’s rights have been suppressed in many communities in Nigeria.

ádé (The depths of devotion).jpg

Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu

"Ade: Depths of Devotion" tells the inspiring story of "Mama Mary Yakubu: A Portrait of Love and Determination." It's a touching tribute to incredible individuals whose unwavering dedication enriches our world.


StoryMi is derivative of the Yoruba phrase “Ìtàn mi” that translates to “My Story” in English.


With the current evolution recorded in the media space through modern technology, we aim to build a community of competent media creatives who will be versed in all spheres of media including; Journalism, Television and Documentary  production, photography and Videography, Print and Radio broadcast.​We believe that great instructors are key for a successful and impactful program! At StoryMi, they invest their time and share their passion for storytelling and ethical  journalism.  Above all they are personally engaged in passing on hard learned tools to the new generation, who in turn go on to tell their own stories of Nigeria.

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