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StoryMi is derivative of the Yoruba phrase “Ìtàn mi” that translates to “My Story” in English. With the current evolution recorded in the media space through modern technology, we aim to build a community of competent media creatives who will be versed in all spheres of media including; Journalism, Television and Documentary  production, photography and Videography, Print and Radio broadcast.

We believe that great instructors are key for a successful and impactful program! At StoryMi, they invest their time and share their passion for storytelling and ethical  journalism.  Above all they are personally engaged in passing on hard learned tools to the new generation, who in turn go on to tell their own stories of Nigeria.

What Do We Offer?

Distinct Courses and Curriculums

Bursaries for Professional Projects

Coaching from Reputable Instructors

Simulated and Practical Assignments


If you enjoyed the film extracts of our program fellows, we believe you'd love the full stories even more.

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Daniel Itegboje

In the cold streets of Benin, a group of resilient young boys, seemingly invincible, battle against adversity as they strive to forge their own path and find a sense of belonging in a world that has turned its back on them.

Aimalohi Ojeamiren

Amidst economic instability and political unrest, the countdown to Nigeria's most anticipated election sets the stage for the unfolding journey of a Nigerian about to leave his homeland. His journey illuminates the nation’s latest mass exodus and brain drain after one of the largest protests the country has witnessed in recent times.

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Samad Uthman

On the verge to make money and fame, Abiodun felt a need to be on top of his game with consistent energy. He took the local herbs for years to be on the course but he lost his life through kidney failure induced by his heavy intakes. The story exposes the link between Agbo and the kidney failure pandemic in Nigeria.

Solomon Ojochegbe Shaibu

"Ade: Depths of Devotion" tells the inspiring story of "Mama Mary Yakubu: A Portrait of Love and Determination." It's a touching tribute to incredible individuals whose unwavering dedication enriches our world.

ádé (The depths of devotion).jpg


To say that my experience at Storymi Academy was great, would be an understatement!

The documentary program has broadened my perspective and horizons on how to make a good film to meet the International standards and market! It has given me the ability to  feel confident in myself and work! It has exposed me to greater opportunities! I’m more proud of my career as an independent filmmaker. 

- Nana Mohammed, 2023 Fellow.

Nana Mohammed

In the face of unimaginable loss, 29-year-old Deborah embarks on a journey to the city where her 11-year-old daughter (Margaret) met her tragic end through child trafficking. After years of denial and desperate pleas to connect with her first child, she confronts the truth in a story that highlights the reality of how women’s rights have been suppressed in many communities in Nigeria.

Lateefah Mayaki

Lateefah returns to her childhood neighbourhood of Mushin - one of the most dangerous and populated areas of Lagos. By speaking to residents- young and old, she explores the history of the area and asks whether we all are prisoners of our circumstances.

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